Monday, February 9, 2009


birthday girls:)

Owen and Auntie Bri

Our happy family(and look at that yummy cake!)

I know this is kind of late but I celebrated my birthday at the end of January and so did Yenni, Danny's wife! And Mark, Andrea's husband, too! And my brother, Ron! Anyhow, we had a little party at Grandma's and Grandpa's to celebrate the special day...Thanks everyone for the birthday greetings! I had a great day:) And on the weekend Kenny, Owen, and I went to Casper...thanks for babysitting, Bri! We had a lovely time!


Kimbo said...

Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday! That cake does look amazing. I hope you ate extra for me too ;)

Mike and Shaina said...

Happy Birthday! So our new landlady reminds me so much of you everytime I talk to her (and not just because she's asian). She's so sweet and friendly and just awesome, but it makes me miss you a little.

Natalie and Ryan said...

How are you? I found your blog off of Aimee Gibbs. I was wondering if you were on Facebook. It is fun to see your family.

The LoFrano's said...

Happy B day everyone!!
i cannot believe how big baby owen is
and you are looking amazing

we miss you guys

Krista Carroll said...

i cant believe how big owen is getting! i miss you guys so much! come visit soon!!

Alma said...

Happy belated birthday. Fun to have so many people celebrate with you, I hope you have a super year being a super mama to that CUTE Owen. We love you all!

Sonia said...

Happy belated birthday Janelle!
Your family is just precious!!
Owen is sooooo cute!.